Russia claims to have hit many targets throughout Ukraine with missiles and artillery, including a lethal strike on Lviv, which has been a refuge for tens of thousands of fleeing civilians. They have now begun their focused ground attack in the Eastern part of Ukraine, a move which has been anticipated by many for weeks. Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy has said that no matter how many forces Russia concentrates in that area, the Ukrainian people will continue to fight and defend themselves. These attacks come immediately following signs that international sanctions are starting to hinder the Russian economy.

The United States approved an additional $800 million dollars worth of military assistance to Ukraine this past week, but this is not enough. This brings the total up to roughly $1.7 billion since Russia invaded on 24 February 2022. Although this is helpful for Ukraine’s defense efforts, the United States should continue to send weapons, and humanitarian aid supplies to Ukraine in the coming days and weeks.