In a statement on Tuesday, Ren Yukun, a senior official from Aviation Industry Corporation of China has stated that J-20s have been deployed to the Southern Theatre Command. This command includes the South China Sea and East China Sea. In the South China Sea, J-20s are being placed on Alert Patrol where they are scrambled to intercept interlopers and fly combat patrols over the East China Sea where China has made claims but has no territory. This statement is the first official confirmation the J-20 is operating in the region. The deployment is seen as a warning to the west that China’s best will intercept your military units. General Kenneth S. Wilsbach, Commander of the Pacific Air Forces said that the most recent encounter between the USAF and J-20s has impressed the USAF with the J-20s capabilities.

China is further escalating their deployment in the region with the addition of the J-20. China already is very aggressive with their deployments of their Navy, and a Chinese Carrier Battle Group outfitted with J-20 jets allows them to project more power. Right now, the J-2os are only deployed off island airbases so they have fixed positions.