US lawmakers recently, paid a visit to Taiwan to promote relations between the two countries. As a result, China performed military drills around Taiwan in the East China Sea. China consistently sends planes into Taiwan’s air defense zone and holds military drills around the island. Taiwan has been preparing for a Chinese invasion since around 1949.  To quote the article I am blogging about: China’s defense ministry said the U.S. visit was “deliberately provocative” and had “led to further escalation of tension in the Taiwan Strait. China talks big about taking back Taiwan and given the prime opportunity they have with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is likely that they may move sometime in the near future.

I think the US is playing with fire by visiting Taiwan. The One China Policy has worked fine since 1979, no need to change up things now. Inflation is already rampant and I couldn’t imagine the manufacturing goods from China halting overnight. The US needs to play it safe here with the current volatility in Ukraine. China has a prime time slot to take Taiwan if NATO gets involved in Eastern Europe.