On Tuesday, Japan and Vietnam signed a cybersecurity agreement to work together against growing concerns over China. This is not new for Japan over recent years, the nation has done similar agreements with other countries such as the United States and Australia. The Japanese Defense Ministry has said that cyberattacks are one of the rising security threats from China, which is why Japan has been forming these agreements with other countries in its geographical region. This push from Japan is also because of  China’s increased presence at the Senkaku Islands, a chain of islands that Japan currently controls.

If Japan wants to hold back against China, then having these foreign  policies will help their case. Currently,  compared to China, Japan is lacking significantly in the Defense spending required to go toe-to-toe against China. Furthermore, their government is just now talking about possibly putting  the defense spending  past its 1% GDP cap. Thus, having these agreements with other similarly aligned nations could benefit them in the long term against China.