Countries made a number of important commitments during COP26, which concluded November 12, 2021.  Most notably, the summit delivered on its primary goal of continuing with the Paris Agreement’s aim of keeping global warming below 1.5º C through the Glasgow Climate Pact, which states carbon emissions must fall 45% by 2030.

Ultimately, the success of COP26 is dependent on the details, and relies on pledges for future action.  There is always a risk that these pledges may not translate into action.  Additionally, some agreement in crucial areas fell short during COP26.

Below I have listed a selection of what COP26 did and did not accomplish:


* = Glasgow Climate Pact provision


  • “Phase-down” of coal production*
  • New rules for trading carbon credits across boarders*
  • China and U.S. (two greatest emitters) agree to work together on climate
  • > 100 nations pledge to cut 30% of methane emissions by 2030
  • > 130 nations (90% of forests) agree to halt/ reverse deforestation
  • > 450 financial institutions (oversee $130 trillion) agree to align portfolios with goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050


  • Some nations will not reduce coal use until 2040s or later
  • No significant progress on climate finance
  • ^ Issues agreeing on funding and financial assistance for poorer nations


-Maddy S.



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