The start of the olive harvest season was marked by an increase in attacks on Palestinians from Israeli settlers in the West Bank. This uptick in violence at the beginning of the season has occurred for many years, and the violence this year appears to be worse than in years past. The attacks typically involve the damaging of the olive trees, which many Palestinians rely on for income. Other attacks involve transportation or violence directly against villagers. Often, the settlers come with military protection. The reliance the Palestinians have on the olive trees makes these attacks particularly harmful. By destroying a group’s primary or secondary source of income, the group with the most power can create many roadblocks for the controlled group to gain a fighting chance to rebel against those who control them.  To add to the difficulty, the Palestinians must purchase access permits from the Israeli government in order to reach the land they harvest in many areas. There have been fewer and fewer of those permits approved each year. Some say the increase in attacks will eventually push the Palestinians into a mass uprising against the Israelis. However, if the US backing of Israel continues, it is very possible that the outcome of a Palestinian uprising will not be in the Palestinian’s favor.