Recent news has broke that if talks between the United States and Russia falls through, Turkey plans to take physical action against United States backed Kurdish militia. The United States backed Kurdish militia is based out of northern Syria. Recently, this Kurdish militia attack resulted in two Turkish police officers being killed. Turkey released a statement saying that this was the final straw with this militia. This area of Northern Syria is a populated area with a plethora of other nations having involvement there in recent years such as U.S. troops, Iran-backed fighters and Russian jets.

This Kurdish militia has been seen as a massive friendly to the United States with the battle against the Islamic State in northern Syria. Russia and the United States are in talk about this situation because Russia has troops there for support of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. It is important that President Joe Biden is able to implement and negotiate some sort of diplomacy before it is too late and allowing Turkish forces to use force against their backed militia. President Joe Biden has the opportunity to do so at the G20 summit taking place at the end of October in Rome. This area is heavily populated with a variety of moving parts such as troops/ organizations fighting for different motivations.