Japan’s new Prime Minister Fukui Kishida has had his first talks with president Biden since his election. The conversation was mostly about strengthening the alliance between the two countries and furthering the cooperation in regional security. More specifically, security against China and North Korea. Additionally, president Biden has assured the Japanese prime minister about the U.S’ commitment to the defense of the Japan-controlled Senkaku island. While the conversation was only over the phone, both Biden and Kishida have agreed to start calling each other by their first names and to meet face-to-face at an early date.

This is great news for both the American and Japanese governments. Japan is an important ally for the US in east Asia, and losing that relationship would be detrimental to the U.S’ foreign policy in East Asia. Also, with Japan having China and North Korea as neighbors, having the U.S by its side helps their fight against them. Overall, the U.S’ allyship with Japan is quintessential for both of the nations.