There is nothing more terrifying than going to the doctor’s office to find out if you have a medical condition or not, but what is even more terrifying is that medical data information could be released to hackers without your knowledge. Healthcare providers are trying to become more progressive in their way of allowing patients to view their medical information online but that has also opened a loophole to hackers. Virtru states, “If you store your data in unencrypted folders in the cloud, or if you send your results to your mom via email, you pave a simple pathway for a hacker to access your most personal data,” (para 5). If the patients are on unsafe networks, have a weak password or are careless with viewing their information this allows hackers to sneak into the people’s most confidential information. 

Not only are the patients viewing their own information being unsafe, so are healthcare workers on their systems at their job. Healthcare data security is currently operating on outdated operating systems, applications and legacy systems which makes it easier for hackers to access the medical health of individuals. This poses a threat to national security because any hacker is able to hack into a hospital system and view patient’s personal information. This does not only include their medical history but also their home address, social security, legal name and much more confidential information. Having this access, hackers are able to access hundreds to millions of people’s information and then use it against them in a variety of ways. These people that could be potentially hacked through their healthcare information are not only everyday people but also military soldiers, politicians, CIA, FBI workers who try to conceal their personal information the most for obvious reasons. Healthcare data security should be a higher concern within the government. We, as Americans, should feel safe enough to share our information with doctors or nurses and not have the fear of it being hacked and stolen. There are different methods that could be examined more extensively to assist and encrypt our personal information such as the use of data encryption, the use of anti-virus/malware/spyware apps, ransomware protection, employee training and more. 

-Olivia Lewis