Vice president Harris caused a ripple in US-Israeli relations during her September 29th visit to George Mason University.  During the visit, a student made a statement accusing Israel of “ethnic genocide.” The vice president’s initial response was, “no one can suppress your truth.” Unfortunately, some viewed this statement as validation of that student’s view, and others saw it as simply failing to reject the student’s viewpoint.  Overall, this exchange has not been viewed favorably, leaving the VP’s office to do damage control. In an attempt to soothe some of the tensions, her office reached out to prominent pro-Israel groups. It released a statement that “the vice president strongly disagrees with the student’s characterization of Israel,” but there are some who believe this slip-up will have lasting repercussions. Given the tight relationship between the US and Israel, I think it will be unlikely that this will have any serious repercussions. Still, it is a clear example of how action, or lack of action, can quickly cause conflict between allies and foes alike.