Rare positive news emerged about North Korea this week as it has reportedly taken steps to start communicating with its southern neighbor once again.  Following the failed summit between North and South Korea, North Korea blew up a border office and all other communication lines with South Korea.  However, North Korea has just reopened its communication with South Korea signifying a step in the right direction of improving relations.  

While this step may seem promising, it is important to be realistic.  According to the article, the lines of communication have been severed and restored several times demonstrating that this time may be no different from the past.  Additionally, North Korea also stated that communication would be dependent on the South Koreans’ attitude.  Using such vague language leaves the door open for Kim Jong Un to end communications in response to anything that he perceives as a bad attitude.  For example, collaborating with the United States more could result in an end in communications again.  A leader as impulsive as Kim Jong Un has the power to destroy the communications lines with one simple order.  

Kim Jong--un

It will be important for South Korea to be careful with their neighbors in the coming days.  Communication between the two countries is fundamental in creating a better relationship.  South Korea must be conscientious of how their actions could be perceived by the North.  This news coming after weeks of intense missile testing from North Korea makes it all the more important that South Korea tread lightly.  If communication between the two countries can reduce the escalating militaristic tensions, much of the world will be able to sigh in relief.