The collapse of Afghanistan and decisions around the withdrawal will infamously go down in the United States history. The decisions made by President Biden and his senior aides to withdrawal from Afghanistan amid different reports from the intelligence community on the capabilities of the Taliban will leave a stain on the Biden administration. The intelligence community has differing views as too if this was an intelligence failure or not, former CIA Director Michael Morrell said that this was not an intelligence failure, but a policy failure among this, and previous administrations.

This is an interesting and complex issue that the United States is dealing with and digesting it as an international affairs student has been really interesting. I believe that it was more of a policy failure than an intelligence failure. Based on the article and previous panels I have listened to, there should have been different parameters set by the administration to get our people out of Afghanistan. The intelligence and knowledge of how the Taliban would react was there, and we now know that it was not followed as some people may think it should have been. One thing that I have learned in another class that I am taking this semester is that intelligence can be thrown out and not listened too and I think that is really interesting. To me, that is just such an interesting strategy as intelligence can provide such an inside look as to what the plans are of adversaries, such as the Taliban.