This week, the United States diplomatically reached out to China to encourage China to reduce the amount of crude oil they are purchasing from Iran. The rationale behind this decision is to further pressure on the Iranian economy to curb the growth of their nuclear program and encourage them to come back to the table with the JCPOA. While this purchasing has continued, following the withdrawal from the JCPOA former President Trump reinstated harsh sanctions on Iran which crippled their economy. The approach of the Biden administration is a much more diplomatic approach and is looking to come back to the agreement that was negotiated while he was Vice President.

I find this really interesting and I am really interested in seeing what further steps the administration will take to curb the growth of their program. With the diplomatic approach the administration has taken so far, it feels like they would not take military action to stall their growth and would try all diplomatic routes before taking further action. I also don’t know how effective it will be to come back to a 6 year agreement. While the agreement was supposed to be in effect until 2025, I think it may be difficult for them to come back to the table after 3 years of no enforcement from the United States.