In an address to the UN general assembly, Palestine’s president gave the Israelis an ultimatum. The Israelis have one year to withdraw their forces from occupied Palestinian territories, as defined by the 1967 boundaries. If the Israelis fail to do so, the Palestinians will no longer recognize Israel and its borders. President Abbas also said that the Palestinians would be willing to go to the International Court of Justice if needed to have their requirements met.  This speech comes shortly after the US House of Representatives passed a large spending bill to fund the replenishment of the Israeli iron dome defense system. After that bill passed in the house, house democrats introduced a bill supporting the two-state solution and increased oversight on the Israeli use of US funding. Although the Israelis have seemed more open to talks with the Palestinians, and the Biden administration continues to advocate for the two-state system, there would be significant issues to resolve to make the two-state solution work. In addition, the combination of these events brings an interesting mix to the already hostile situation. I am not sure the extent to which the Palestinians will be able to ensure their requests are met, especially if the current US government is willing to continue funding the Israelis. However, I think it will be unlikely that there will be much progress on reaching a desirable solution for both sides.