North Korea says South Korea's call to declare end of Korean War is premature

News emerged from North Korea today that they tested another missile through launching it into the water.  This past month has seen a dramatic increase in testing from North Korea causing a destabilization of the region.  As North Korea continues to pursue aggressive testing and nuclear development, South Korea and the US have to be at a higher alert.  As the article states, the US has communicated to North Korea that it would like to pursue a diplomatic route with North Korea and reach a denuclearization deal.  However, the prospects of such a deal appear to be minimal.  North Korea spoke out against the role the US has had with South Korea.  According to the North Koreans, the US has been aggressive towards them through their military exercises.  

It is interesting to compare the statements from both the US and North Korea because the discrepancies demonstrate the extent of the fractured relationship between the two countries.  Biden’s administration claims to be diplomatic while North Korea claims the opposite.  It is also important to pay close attention to North Korea in the coming weeks to see if they implement any more testing and contribute more to the destabilization of the region.  Additionally, North Korea may see sanctions imposed against them soon because of the testing.  They are not allowed to test nuclear or ballistic weapons.  If North Korea continues to test weapons, the international community may be less willing to negotiate and less forgiving in the future.