Throughout the ruling of the Taliban in Afghanistan, a plethora of attacks have unfolded and all to be claimed by the local affiliate of Islamic State. People at the head of power within the Taliban have claimed that this threat isn’t as big as it seems but commanders on the ground beg to differ. After further investigation of the attacks in Jalalabad, commanders have come to a realization that the tactics used in these attacks are very similar to Taliban tactics and despite the lack of people among this group, they remain dangerous.

It is important that the United States is consistent with observing the Taliban in power. The Taliban have made statements about not letting Afghanistan continue to be a base for attacks on other countries. There is always a threat of ISIS-K and Al-Qaeda gaining motivation from seeing the Taliban take power in Afghanistan for reemergence. Taliban commanders have seen tactics such as car sticky bombs being used in attacks for certain profile people. Taliban officials are worried that these same tactics can be used against their officials.