Early Tuesday morning North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile from an inland location towards its eastern sea. This is a couple of days after Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, had talks with South Korea to negotiate continuing communication between the two countries. While top diplomats from the U.S, Japan, and South Korea in the past couple of days have met to discuss ways to stop North Korea from creating nuclear weapons. During the last day of the UN General Assembly, North Korea’s Ambassador Kim Song defended the country’s weapon development by stating that, “our state is growing a reliable deterrent that can control the hostile forces in an attempted military invasion.” In response to this, Japan has stepped up its security and surveillance on North Korea.

The article gives some good insight on what some of the top actors related to this case, like Japan and South Korea, are doing in reaction to this. However, I wish the article would discuss more about China’s response to the issue if the state had any. China is North Korea’s biggest great power ally, which means they may have some influence over them. If China is backing away more from North Korea, it may play a factor in why North Korea has been working harder, as of late, to create these “war deterrents.”