In a new article from the Atlantic writer Peter Wehner sets a concise argument stating that, in its current form, the Republican Party is a omnipresent threat to American democracy due to its refusal to distance itself from the rhetoric and posturing that Trump brought to the party. It’s an interesting read and worth the time but I want to take time to explore why exactly the Republican Party with its members promoting the deep state and other conspiracy theories is such a threat in the first place. 

I believe that it’s because, unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is recognizing that something is wrong in the United States. That’s not to say that they’re anywhere near right about what’s wrong but they are saying “yes, there is something wrong.” Their accuracy of course ends when they start talking about a secret Cabal of Children eating satanists (ie Qanon) but the Democratic Party, for the most part says that there everything is smooth sailing and besides some minor reforms everything is ok. 

This is despite growing wealth inequality, an austerity state that is only increasing, an unsolved climate crisis and more and more economic opportunities for the average person disappearing. To truly combat the rise of the far-right and threats to our democracy other major players need to admit that there is something wrong in the United States that needs to be addressed.

– Gabriel Matteson