North Korea’s economic minister who was just appointed this past January, has already been fired as North Korea is experiencing its worst economic slump in more than two decades. Reportedly, these economic struggles are causing tensions to rise among North Korean leadership. Last month Kim Jong Un stated that North Korea’s last economic plan failed “tremendously.” Due to isolation because of the Coronavirus pandemic and increased sanctions, these struggles continue to worsen. Though it isn’t expected to lead to famine as it did in the 90s when hundreds of thousands of people died in North Korea, this could still mean more hardship for North Korea’s citizens. A country that is already known for its nuclear presence and threats experiencing increased tensions and leadership turnover may halt any hope of a stable government willing to improve itself and work with other nations, specifically the United States. For North Korea and the United States to ever have a stable relationship the North Korean government has to have an open mind and willingness. This might not be possible if tensions are still increased even within their own country.

Erin M.