TikTok is a really interesting place to find content about international events. Lilly Oo, (@whoops.its.lilly on TikTok) is a creator from Myanmar who’s content addresses the reality of the military coup. Lilly is currently studying abroad and is safe from the violence, but she has taken it upon herself to report what the media will not: graphic scenes of human rights violations that come straight from the source. In a recent Youtube video, Lilly compiles footage from protests in Myanmar to bring attention to how the military uses “the law” to justify police brutality. People in Myanmar are being murdered by the military, and Lilly’s video shows this.

TW: Graphic Content. I hope you’re older than 18.

As we talked about in class last Thursday, if Myanmar does not pose a threat to the United States, can the U.S. even act? Yes. President Biden released a statement disavowing the violence in Myanmar and will be withholding $1 billion in U.S. funding to the country, in an effort to sanction military generals from committing further acts of human rights abuses.

Will Biden’s actions really hold Myanmar’s current authority accountable, and will other countries follow suit? How long will this conflict escalate before China gets involved?

It’s hard for me to say whether or not Biden’s statement will make the situation better, but disavowing the illegitimate government in Myanmar is the first action to take. Lilly’s video provides real evidence of the human rights violations that are occuring in Myanmar, and I would not have seen these accounts if I did not know who to follow.

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