Under its previous administration, America was negotiating Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt to resolve a dispute over the construction of the Ethiopian grand renaissance dam. However, Trump’s administration failed to be a legitimate negotiator and pressured Ethiopia to sign an agreement that conflicts with Ethiopia’s interest. Trump administration also withholds security and development aid to Ethiopia, intending to press Ethiopia to sign an abiding deal. Yet president Biden change gear on the Nile dispute. On Feb 19, press briefing, the U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price affirms that the 272 million dollar aid withhold will no longer be attached with the Nile dispute (Global Construction Review). , the Biden administration is making progress in undoing the previous administration faults in the horn of Africa. Consequently, the administration should continue making such farsighted decisions in the region. It must not fail to propaganda “pundits” and so-called “horn of Africa experts” as they far from the truth.

Adonay Teklu