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Kim Jong-un’s Mysterious and potentially Fatal Health Crisis

The entire world seems to be asking the same questions: “Is Kim Jong-un in a coma?” “Is he dead?”and “who is going to take over if he dies?” It is apparent that Kim Jong-un’s health has made a turn for the worse and that it may not be long before a new leader is called to take his place. There are rumors that Kim Yo-Jong, Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, could potentially be the next North Korean successor. Certain appearances showing Kim Jong-un have been faked, according to ex-diplomat and former aide to South Korea’s late President Kim Dae-Jung, Chang Song-Min. The ex-diplomat goes even further to say, “I asses him to be in a comma, but his life has not ended.” It appears that North Korea does not want the rest of the world to think of their leader as weak or incompetent, so they will go to extreme measures to hide the truth about Kim Jong-un’s health. As of current news the supreme leader Kim Jong-un is still alive but his physical state is fading away, it will not be long before decisions will be made about the future of North Korea’s leadership.

The Trump administration should not take this news lightly and should pursue careful steps to ensure that the United States will remain safe from possible threats that a new North Korean leader could impose on the United States. President Trump should start preparing security tactics now to be prepared for the future. North Korea has shown threats of nuclear attacks in the past. If North Korea plans on potentially replacing Kim Jong-un, then the Trump Administration will need to be ready to engage with a new leader and the potential threats they may bring.

Erica Ganthner

U.S. Troops Injured in Syria After Collision With Russian Vehicles

For the past several years, the U.S and Russia have been on opposing sides in a proxy war in Syria. Last week a number of U.S. troops were injured during a vehicle collision between Russian and American ground forces in northeastern Syria. This comes after a sizeable reduction in U.S forces in that region last year. This reduction in forces comes from the White House stating that ISIS has been completely eradicated. However, an official UN report says that there are still several pockets of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria containing thousands of fighters. The report further claims that insurgent activities have been increasing. Critics of the incident claim that President Trump needs to put more pressure on Russian leaders, as small provocations by the Russians such as these have been happening in spite of agreed de-escalation protocols agreed to by the Russians and Americans last December. It is also reported that Trump did not bring up these actions by the Russian military in the multiple recent calls that he has had with Russian President Putin.

With regards to the vehicular collision, President Trump must be firm with Putin that these events cannot continue, and should consider a diplomatic protest in the UN. Furthermore, the withdrawal of troops from Syria must be delayed given the mentioned UN report of a resurgence of ISIS actions, along with the continued instability of the region. It is of great importance use both soft and hard power if the U.S seeks an end to the proxy war in Syria and a possible end to the overall Civil War.


Boko Haram Attacks a Community in Northeastern Nigeria, Resulting in 75 Dead.

A local media outlet reported on Wednesday that the jihadist Islamic terrorist organization, Boko Haram, attacked a community overnight in the town of Gwoza, located in Northeastern Nigeria. The attack resulted in the death of 75 elderly residents. Boko Haram continues to be a threat to the security and lives of the citizens of Nigeria and surrounding African countries including Chad, Niger, and Cameroon. The goal of Boko Haram is to establish an Islamic State in Nigeria and prevent westernization. I believe the consequences for the United States in giving Boko Haram the liberty to continue using extreme violence in the region and instituting instability will result in a major socioeconomic decline in the region as well as affect U.S. interests and relationships with these African countries. The United States is one of Nigeria’s main trading partners and allies. Besides the fact that African lives are at stake, the United States having a passive response to the violence conducted by Boko Haram opens the door for China (in my opinion America’s biggest competitor) to create a greater presence in the region and continent.

Anna Longacher

Radicalization in Europe Deterred by Denial

One of Europe’s reoccurring terrorist threat is radicalization in prisons. The most recent pattern of terrorist attacks has been by individuals released from prisons. Prisoners are most vulnerable to radicalization and displaying terrorist activity upon release from prison. In response, the EU has implemented a deradicalization and resocialization program recognized as “HERMES.” The program’s main principle is to keep a strict separation between radicalized inmates and inmates on various charges. The less-radical inmates are offered work positions similar to regular employment outside of prison, making them less vulnerable to future radicalization. The course includes local NGOs and businesses combined with a wide range of teaching materials imbedded to the prisoners’ routine daily activities. The program denies terrorist individuals in prisons the ability to engage in activities they intend to. A denial response to a growing terrorist threat will decrease the probability of radicalization in the prisons and limit terrorist activity once released from prison.

Ashlee Warren

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