Iran is allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to gain access to two blocked nuclear sites. Last week, the US pressured the U.N. General Assembly to reimpose sanctions on Iran that were lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal on the basis that Iran was non-compliant. However, since the US withdrew from the treaty, Iran contests the legality of US complaints. 

By allowing the requested inspections, Iran weakens the US argument to reimpose sanctions. Effectively, Iran is cooperating with the IAEA to encourage the U.N. to keep the sanctions lifted despite increased US pressure.

The Trump administration should support the IAEA’s decision to pursue inspections but remain supportive of renegotiating the treaty.   

Although the piece asserts the talks were not politically motivated, I believe the US request for sanctions pressured Iran to open the sites. The sites were under suspicion two months prior to the US voicing its opinions on sanctions, but five days later, Iran hosted talks with the IAEA and agreed to open the sites.