The Islamic state had been taking advantage of distraction that Covid has provided. The group has started migrating from Syria to Iraq and has begun an evolution in the tactics they use from more intimidation to complex attacks. While Iraqi forces have had to deal with the spread and prevention of the pandemic, ISIS has been accumulating strength. The group has also taken advantage of the isolation taking place in Europe by increasing the propaganda production in an attempt to reach more potential recruits. As well as this the Islamic State has advised its fighters to avoid Europe during the pandemic. The overall point is that while the Islamic States power has diminished if left unchecked they will rebuild and cause more harm and Covid is providing them some of that opportunity.

The Trump administration recently reaffirmed its support of the strategic partnership between Iraq and the United States, and that the U.S. led coalition defeated the physical caliphate of the Islamic State. I believe that aside from this statement the Trump administration will not address ISIS at all, and if they do it will merely be for the purpose of the campaign.