Conflict between Hamas, a Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza, and Israel is not uncommon, but this new bought of conflict has left many Palestinian citizens in Gaza without electricity and humanitarian aid. Recently, Hamas groups in Gaza conducted an air strike against Israel due to the continued air, sea, and land blockade carried out by Israel and Egypt. Israel responded by bombing what they believe to be Hamas hot spots in Gaza. Due to the lack of fuel and humanitarian aid coming into Gaza, citizens have reduced electricity, fuel, and aid. Although the US has claimed to support a two-state peace between Israel and the Palestinians, they have not supported Palestinians in the UN. Even if the US does not react to the situation by inserting themselves in peace negotiations, aiding in the lack of humanitarian access and fuel would assert the US’s position as a world power who champions equality and human rights. The Trump administration has moved the embassy into Jerusalem clearly enforces the legitimacy of the Israeli’s. To at least retain the appearance of neutrality, aid given to the citizens of both regions would be beneficial, and increase the security of the people in the region.

Blake Donohue