Imaging evidence indicates North Korea may be resuming intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellite launchers at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, a site President Trump previously claimed had been shut down.The imagining shows large shipping containers, likely including items to make more missiles. If engine tests here resume, it would be a breach of the agreement made at the summit between the two leaders made in Singapore.

Even after the summit, it was unclear whether or not Kim Jong Un actually agreed to shut down this site, but even so, not until this week has the site been noticeably active. This also comes in recent events where Kim Jong Un is threatening a “Christmas gift” for the U.S., where what we get depends on our behavior. But, clearly demonstrated by this event, the U.S. is not the only member acting up or unwilling to come to negotiations. Since it has been so long since the two leaders have met, and with the new approaching deadline set by Kim Jong Un to come up with a better deal, not only are tensions continuing to rise, but also any progress that was possibly made at the summits are now being lost. In the meantime this week, both leaders have re-engaged their name-calling of each other, only escalating tensions. 

While Kim Jong Un clearly seems to be taking the desire for negotiations seriously, and even upholding threats he has been making, Trump continues to brush those actions off. The fact that Trump is not treating North Korea as a national security threat is a security threat to the U.S. in of itself. Although it is unclear whether it will work or not, Trump should attempt to talk to Kim Jong Un in a serious manner and try to at least negotiate for an extended deadline and to maintain the former agreement in order to shut down this engine test site.