As I discussed last week, South Sudan’s peace negotiations have been pushed off once again. Discussions and dialogue have continued in days following the delay, but not much further progress has yet been made. IGAD, the regional body overlooking the negotiations, has stated that it is up to the mediators to decide the guidelines of the delay. To date, the mediators have been Sudan and Uganda due to proximity and influence. They have reported that they will be speaking to President Kiir about the situation and keeping everyone informed on the latest developments.

I would argue that the mediation group should be expanded drastically. We have seen that bigger groups with more powerful influence have been successful, as increased international interest has seemingly prevented an end to the ceasefire. More regional interests should be added to the group, such as Kenya and others in African leadership roles. The U.S. has stated its growing impatience with the constant delays and has made it clear it will not shy away from imposing sanctions and potentially cutting off crucial aid supplies.

-Julia G.