Congo violence

This article is a pretty comprehensive look at the violence that has erupted in the DRC in the past 2 weeks. In response to a massacre of the of 17 people at the hands of a rebel group. This attack has brought mass protests against international institution representatives, such as U.N. Peacekeepers. The article points to low budget and slow responses as the reason for slow international action.

While my last post focused on the domestic implications of such tensions, I wanted to spend time to consider the international implications. The northeast portion of the DRC has been embroiled in conflict from several different militant groups. It is interesting to observe future actions that the country might undertake to work with neighboring countries to curb interstate problems such as terrorism, disease, and refugees. Given general public apathy towards international institutions and the western world in general in relation to assisting with problems, maybe these problems and more local international cooperation like with the African Union.

Ultimately, all of these stories about the DRC have been another case study of international institutions and aid being ineffective and slow to respond to very important problems. I am especially concerned as things get worse in the future with the rise of populism in the developing world and countries turning inwards. Perhaps more regional cooperation is thefate of the developing world.

John H.