The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, announced ahead of the NATO leaders meeting in London that spending had increased by 4.6%. This was the fifth consecutive year of growth by the alliance. One important note is that nine NATO members are meeting the 2% of GDP on defense, which is an increase from just three members a few years ago. Stoltenberg announced this progress as unprecedented and proof that the NATO alliance is still strong and will remain strong for the coming decades.

This news comes three days before a meeting between all the heads of NATO states in London. This can be seen as a sign that more NATO members are buffing their own Military capabilities as numerous heads of sate such as Donald Trump and Emanuel Macron have criticized NATO recently. The united States should not be rejecting NATO or its relevance especially as its clear that many of the smaller members rely on NATO for their own security and the United States shouldn’t risk losing out on allies in vital spots like the Baltics.
-Reavis L.