The 25th Conference of the Parties(COP) will soon convene in Madrid to discuss the looming threat of climate change. The 200 countries in attendance will attempt to reach a global consensus on how to properly and effectively combat climate change. Attending delegates have been warned that the “point of no return” is imminent, and this warning comes as scientists declare global climate goals to be inadequate. In light of this, the delegates will also be discussing “loss and damages”, where “loss” refers to the total destruction of something such as human lives, habitats, or species, and damages refers to something that can be repaired, such as infrastructure. COP25 hopes to reform current global climate policies and achieve a more unified stance in preparation of COP26 next year. Discussions at COP26 will focus more on effective strategies to mitigate climate change directly.

Global pledges have been made to keep the world under 1.5 C, however current policies are nowhere near effective enough to achieve that goal. Currently the world is on course to see a rise in 2.9 C, which will have devastating consequences for food, health, and economic security for the entire world. Despite this massive and obvious threat to security, the US is planning on pulling out of the COP conferences, and will have done so by the COP26 meeting next year. While the US will not be participating at the national level, there is growing momentum among the states to adhere to global climate policies.


Nick C.