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The leader of a Chicago street gang has been charged for attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State in Syria. Abdul Ja’Me believed the money was being sent to a soldier engaged in active combat in Syria. The total amount being sent was $500. The active combat soldier fighting for the Islamic State that Abdul believed was receiving the money was actually an undercover law enforcement officer.

There have been so many cases inside of America where individuals who have been influenced by the ideology of ISIS have attempted to provide material support to the Islamic State or carry out lone wolf attacks. This is extremely threatening to security in America. ISIS has been attempting to bring the war to America by calling on Muslims in the U.S. to arms and anyone who sympathizes with the terrorist group to wage open source jihad and to carry out lone wolf attacks. American security has to do a better job at detecting aspiring terrorists within the country’s borders before they prepare attacks and attempt to carry them out.

Christopher T