Once again, the leaders of the fledgling government of South Sudan have missed the deadline to form the transition unity government. They had previously agreed upon signing in September, then extended the meeting until November 20th. Not necessarily very surprisingly, this date came and went with no progress. Kiir and Machar have pushed the formation of a new administration back 100 more days, stating that “critical tasks” had not yet been completed.

A possible consequence of the continued prolonging of this process is the return to war. South Sudan has been held in tentative peace for around a year, but stability is far from the picture. There has been a noted decrease in political violence since the peace deal has come about, but without any definitive action it is uncertain how long this will last. U.S. and other international interests have made it clear that holding national elections is necessary to ensuring stability. Without a unity government being developed soon, the planned 2022 elections will almost certainly be pushed off even further.

Julia G.