Recently, a Chinese intelligence officer, Wang “William” Liqiang defected to Australia and is now cooperating with the Australian counterespionage service, ASIO. As per reporting in various open sources, he has revealed Chinese operations to kidnap Hong Cong booksellers including his personal involvement in at least one kidnapping. He also revealed Chinese intelligence services’ actions in subverting elections in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia. Mr. Liqiang is in Australia on a tourist visa with his wife and infant son and is seeking asylum in Australia.

The US government should seek access to Mr. Liqiang through the invoking of the Five Eyes Agreement and debrief him. The US government should also work with the Australian government in facilitating the protection of Mr. Liqiang and his family and should be willing to relocate Mr. Liqiang and his family to the US if his safety cannot be guaranteed in Australia.

Kuljeet S.