For the Philippines, their power comes from China and could be shut off anytime. China has a 40% stake in the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines with Chinese engineers being the only ones with access to the system. Meaning that the power could be shut off remotely. A Philippine source said that Philippine national security is compromised due to the control of the power grid. The arrangement between the Philippines and China has been ongoing for almost a decade with concern being raised because of a debate between Filippino Senators over the 2020 energy budget. The Philippines would like to see control returned to the Philippines for peace of mind and security

China and the Philippines have bilateral cooperation, but even bilateral cooperations have some hesitancy behind them. Though there has been no such attack mounted against the Philippines before and there is no evidence there is still a possibility especially if China wants something and the Philippines do not agree with the terms, they could be held hostage by China into giving in to the demands. Again, this is only a thought, nothing has been suggested that this will actually happen. I think the Philippines have a right to have control and access to their own power grid as it affects them. However, to have no control over the infrastructure of the country puts the country at risk which could lead to war and incidents between the countries and that could bring the US into a conflict in the Pacific.