This weeks update on ISIS, comes with two major stories.

The US recently launched a drone strike that killed a Senior ISIS member who took responsibility for killing a prior US Army Ranger. The rangers name was Peter Kassig, he was a retired soldier who went to work for US-AID. He was captured in 2013 and a propoganda video was released of his beheading in 2014. This shows that the US and the international coalition against ISIS will continue to hunt down those who they know to be members of the organization. The only issue is the rate at which ISIS is recruiting is unknown. As history has shown, toppling leaders of these organizations doesn’t really do much good, instead it tends to continually destabilize the region in which they are located.

The second news segment is a report on a video showing a Russian child soldier claiming his love and devotion to ISIS. This video was linked to a terrorist attack that involved this child and his 17 year old brother. The most interesting part of this attack and video are that they originate from Russia. ISIS has soldiers in every single country by now. No country is safe from the infectious mindset they preach. This complicates the war to another degree. How do we fight a belief?