Over the past few months, President Trump has threatened to drastically reduce foreign aid funding and spending because he believes there are certain countries the U.S. does not need to be involved with, or that the relationships with some countries are not mutually beneficial. A lot of the senators believe that Trump’s plans to defund the State Department’s budget for foreign aid will divide the U.S. government and create an even more sour relationship between the White House and the Senate. In addition to this, many senators fear that the president’s plan to defund the foreign aid budget is a stepping stone, or a “gateway” into him reducing funding for other departments such as defense or healthcare.

As I have discussed in other posts on this blog, Trump’s plan to reduce funding will strain relations with several countries and international organizations, which will make it harder for the U.S. to interact and negotiate with these nations in the future. However, now his plans to cut the foreign aid budget are creating difficulties within our own government, which makes passing any bills or negotiating even more difficult, especially if Trump does intend to move forward with this plan.