With the raise and steady falling of one of the most notable non-state terrorist groups, known as ISIS (Islamic State in Syria), the United States continues to keep their boots on the throat of the group. Four days ago the leader of the groups presence in Afghanistan, known as Abu Sayeed Orakzai, was killed in an unmanned US airstrike along with 10 of his fellow members. This strike comes from the United States war with ISIS. The US has been pursuing the group since their deflection from the US backed forces of the Syrian civil war. The group poses a large threat to the US’s security and international interests. As far as consequences, there will be none of significance to the US. The US has yet to see a retaliation of considerable notice since ISIS declared war on the US when the first strikes happened. There will be consequences throughout the world though, the terror group is bound to attack another public university or elementary school, surely killing innocent people, and blaming it on the US’s actions. I believe this article was very well written, it was concise but offered more than sufficient background information about the attack. I think the author could include more background information of the group themselves.