Artificial Intelligence is here.  We are beyond the point of it coming and it isn’t a question of if we should accept it.  It is simply a fact that it is intricate to our lives.  Now in terms of whether the robots can protect us such as they did in Will Smith’s IRobot (which may I remind you didn’t exactly turn out so well for the people and then the robots at one point) or if they will “destroy” us is it’s own separate dilemma.  This problem has to do mostly with the breach capabilities of others.  If we are using artificial intelligence to protect us, be it with drones or in the cyber-security realm, the potential for a breach is there.  However, nothing is 100% as Laurent Gil talks about in his article .  These breaches are not necessarily inevitable but are likely to happen all the same.  The administration that is smart enough to recognize that, so possibly the next one, should respond to this not with the suggestion of being fearful of these breaches and adding more humans to the mix, because humans are flawed just as robots are without compassion, and as Gil points out Equifax was hacked and they constantly had humans supervising.  The point is to use this technology to continue to accomplish our goals and to be smart enough to fix breaches or catch them before they even happen.  Let us not be afraid of this technology which has definitively deposited its foot upon our necks but embrace it in all of its cold robotic glory. Ignoring it poses a greater national security risk than embracing it.  Due to the fact that other entities certainly would not hesitate to use it against us.

So as a modern age Paul Revere I say, THE ROBOTS ARE HERE! THE ROBOTS ARE HERE!