It has been leaked that the White House is ready to get rid of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Under the reported plan, Pompeo would likely be replaced in the CIA by Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas. Cotton is one of Trump’s strongest defenders and a confidant to some leading members of the foreign policy team. Although it is important to note the change in the Secretary of State, reports have been analyzing the affect of placing Cotton in the CIA. Cotton is seen as a controversial choice for CIA director.

It is feared that Cotton would politicize and thereby permanently damage the CIA’s reputation as director. Being a politician worries the intelligence community because they have had a mixed record at the CIA. George H.W. Bush was a politician but a highly respected director. Porter Goss, a former Republican congressman from Florida, was a disaster, who only lasted about a year. Additional concerns include: that he has repeatedly demonstrated hyperpartisanship (in grilling former FBI director Jim Comey, for example) and recklessness (in pushing a plan to decertify the Iran deal and arguing that a military option is viable). From a security impact, we need to focus on making a seamless transition, and on ensuring someone who will protect the homeland. If Cotton becomes too partisan (as his history states) he could potentially risk American lives rather than attempt to make an objective analysis of a situation.