This weeks article detailed how the extreme surge of violence throughout 2017 in Mexico has gone without appropriate coverage and interference by  Mexican government officials. The news has been greatly dominated by U.S. Mexico relations and NAFTA talks, allowing for the unraveling of internal security  to go under the radar. Just in the beginning half of 2017 there were nearly 20,878 murders done alone in Mexico. President Enrique Pena Nieto has been scrutinized over his lack in interference and his inability to construct a clear national security plan for the entire country and police force. More staggering is that in October, on average there were 90 people killed every day and somehow there was no call to immediate action or national emergency. Even though Mexico’s federal government has succeeded in killing or capturing many high profiled cartel leaders, crime is still rampant and a downward trend does not seem likely in the near future. The world must not allow for Trumps behavior and NAFTA negotiations to distract from dangerous amounts of violence that Mexican communities are facing right now. President Trump should address this unprecedented violent spree, because if it continues there is a likelihood it could spill over the border into the U.S.