After the North Korean ICBM test on Friday, the United States and South Korean have launched a military drill named Vigilante Ace. This drill comprises 24 stealth fighters alongside hundreds of other aircraft. This is in concert with 12,000 U.S. military personnel. The North has threatened nuclear war against the United States and South Korea for the “grave provocation” of the military drill. It is also one of the largest displays of the new American F-35 in a wargame scenario. Senator Lindsey Graham has suggested evacuating the families of military personnel in the event of a military conflict, which seems to be growing by the day according to rhetoric from the Trump Administration.

The reasoning for this drill is critical to understanding the heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The North Koreans have just launched an ICBM that many experts believe can hit most of, if not all of the United States. This was a threshold that the Trump Administration was keen on preventing the North Koreans from reaching. This in tandem with increasingly hostile rhetoric from the Trump administration over potential conflict with North Korea has all sides itching not to be caught with their proverbial pants down.