Once again North Korea has defied Japan’s sovereign waters and launched another ICBM test missile. While not breaching the country’s airspace as it did over the summer, the test missile did showcase an increase in technical prowess that has officials in Seoul, Tokyo, and Washington worried. Those that have closely followed the missile launches claim that although the missile flew longer and father then the previous tests due to its “fake” or “useless” payload, which are significantly lighter than the actual explosives that would be used on them, these numbers may need to be scaled back in the case of an actual launch.

Still, the continuation of the missile tests this year by the Kim regime showcases the dictator’s ambition to see how far he can push Trump and the South Korean/Japanese regimes. Although Trump has promised ‘fire and fury,’ and allies have showcased their ability for a second strike should they, themselves, be attacked, none of these strategies have been enough to stop the testing. The president himself has only thrown fuel on the fire, heightening fears of nuclear war or at the very least an increase in nuclear proliferation as our allies in Asia begin to lose faith in the ‘American Nuclear Umbrella.’

For a more detailed look at the launch, please read: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/28/world/asia/north-korea-missile-test.html