Twenty-Six Islamic State militants were arrested as security troops carried out a security campaign in southeast Mosul. Security troops have launched a campaign in order to locate and arrest other Islamic State members. The Iraqi army’s 16th division, combining with al-Hashd al-Shaabi and local police forces combed the central islands on the Tigris river and regions on the banks of the river in the western flank of Mosul.


This is significant for Iraq and their allies as campaigns have been launched to locate ISIS members and arrest these individuals. Since October 2016, 25,000 militants were killed as a result of ISIS taking over Mosul. The news of Islamic State members being arrested is another step in the right direction in the fight against ISIS as their territory is declining as well as militants are being arrested. A key factor in finding these individuals that are involved with the terrorist organization is the advanced technology being put to proper use and Iraq seeking help with international organizations such as the United Nations.