Six Syrian nationals have been released without charges because of lack of evidence during an initial investigation. There was not enough concrete evidence that these men belonged to the ISIS terror group. The investigation is still on going because these men have had contacts with ISIS in the past. ¬†According to German police, the Syrian nationals had applied for asylum and were suspected of being ISIS members. An attack “had not been fully planned yet” according to the previous statement, but the suspects were believed to have been planning to carry out attacks with “weapons or bombs on a public target in Germany.” A similar incident last year left 12 dead and 50 injured because of a tractor trailer attack by ISIS members. This incident gave German police reason to investigate their hunch on these men. The German police force that carried out this raid needs to continue to find patterns in ISIS attacks just like they did in this instance. To do this they need to rely on the intelligence they have on nationals entering the country and tracking their activities. Especially around the holidays with European people enjoying outdoor festivities making the streets an ideal place for attacks. Police forces around Europe need to focus on making preemptive strikes on known terror suspects so that the Christmas market incident in Berlin last year doesn’t happened again.