The North Koreans this week have fortified the part of the border where the North Korean soldier defected and ran for dear life to the South Korean side of the border. After the man’s run to freedom, witnesses at the border have noticed that the North Koreans areĀ  installing more machine guns. Another source said that they have installed a gate on the bridge so that a car cannot cross it without permission, which is what the North Korean man did. Official sources have stated that the North Koreans are digging a trench where the man had escaped as to slow any defectors down, as was the case with the man escaping to the South.

This international incident has provided South Korea a media coup. To the average viewer, its a modern day version of East Berliners hopping barbed wire and dodging machine gun fire to flee to free West Berlin. That sort of courage and heroism is eaten right up. The people of the capitalist democratic world love headlines like this, it’s great for morale. The symbolism of such a blatant rejection of the Orwellian principles of the North Korean regime is a rebuke that is well noted and feared in North Korea. The measures taken by North Korea to prevent such a viral incident are evidence of this fear.