Rebels launched an attack against a military platoon around 12am on Tuesday. They killed 11 soldiers and 20 were left wounded. With an angry military and public outrage President Santos had no choice but to order the resumption of air raids against FARC camps. The rebels clearly violated agreements and have potentially threatened the future of the peace negotiations. FARC leaders say they are not responsible and that the government must agree to a cease fire now more than ever. Santos refuses to make any agreements until a deal is struck. The people of Colombia and politicians such as former president Uribe have criticized Santos for continuing the peace talks when FARC continues to kill citizens. But after decades of fighting, Santos believes the attack is also an indication of why peace must be reached. FARC leaders are not taking responsibility showing the lack of control over the 7’000 guerrilla soldiers. Why should a peace agreement be reached if the army is unreliable on its word? What would prevent different sectors from continuing attacks on the Colombian military? A unilateral agreement could mean nothing after more than two years of work towards peace.