On Friday President Obama announced during a visit to the federal National Cybersecurity Communications Integration Center a new set of legislation aimed toward enhancing information security. In light of the recent cyberattacks on Sony and the US military’s social media this potential legislation has a higher chance of being passed than a earlier bill that was stopped in the Senate. By helping communication between the private sector and the government cyberthreats can be addressed and dealt with before they can cause significant damage. ¬†One neccesary consideration for this type of bill is private information, much of the proposed bill’s protection for civil liberties and privacy is based upon guidelines that are not yet written. Security from cyberattacks is vital but there must also be consideration for the safety of personal information. This illustrates one of the most divisive debates in cybersecurity, where to draw the line between expansion of security and the rights of citizens. So while this bill is positive in that it shows how the US government is taking this issue seriously, it will undoubtedly bring more discussion about violations of privacy.


-Lucas Duty