Unfortunately, not a particular state of emergency in the environment this week, but good news concerning nations and exemplifying how they work together to get goals done that concern the entire Earth’s security. The United States recently goaded India to sign a bill such that it will bind India to lowering their carbon emissions. China and the United States have already signed on so with the inclusion of India the 3 largest polluters would all be aiming to preserve what atmosphere we have left. This article stood out to me especially in this week since we’re supposed to read about liberal views on international relations. Liberals didn’t agree with  the “balance of power” schema that allowed for nations to gather power reckless. I believe that this compromise is just in the beginning of a long line to help our with world issues. This shift from national interests to the interests of the entire world is a nice change of pace and hope to see more of it in the future!

Noah Bey