North Korea is in the news currently for several things. On one end there is the remake of the Cold War Era film Red Dawn which shows a laughable North Korean invasion of the US. Also the weapons from a North Korean assassination attempt on an activist in 2011 have been released to the media. Lastly North Korea is moving to test its newest missiles which.

In earlier posts I wrote about the missile tests and until they actually do launch a missile there is not much to write about. Still if these new rockets prove reliable it puts North Korea into the realm of states with potential nuclear capability and the means to project that capability effectively. If the range on these new missiles is also what the North desires it would put the west coast of the United States in danger. This situation would be unacceptable and if these missiles succeed in their tests the United States and its allies must be prepared to respond to the North Korean threat.

The possibility of a massive North Korean of the US mainland is null but the potential threat from a North Korea armed with long range missiles is large. If these tests fail they will become another of the DPRK’s failed projects. Only time will show though it seems according to news articles that time is coming soon.



Ryan Thompson


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