Cyber City is a place designed to look like a real town, including everything from water towers to Wifi at the local coffee shop. Cyber City exists in the virtual realm of cyberspace, its only kinetic form being a tabletop miniature replica. Cyber City is one of many fake environments that serve as cyber ranges and test beds. The goal of these cyber towns is to allow solider-hackers to practice attacking and defending critical networks in a controlled environment.

Designed by Counter Hack, a security firm in New Jersey, Cyber City contains everything a hacker would need. It has “people” with accounts and personal information, it has critical infrastructure like power plants and hospitals, and it has vulnerable Wifi networks that are like Christmas for a hacker. The focus of these cyber training grounds is to train cyber warriors and give them a space to practice actual skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Cyber City is just one of many of similar “towns” being developed. They allow infinite possibilities and scenarios for cyber-soldiers to hone their skills. These cyber ranges are seen as a way to keep pace with other hackers or terrorist organizations looking to attack US networks. It shows that the US views cybersecurity and cyberwarfare as a real threat that must be actively dealt with.